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Sona Light vision remains crystal clear to be the most reliable name in the cable industry for the time to come. With its expertis and years of experience it promises to deliver on its commitment every single time.

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Control Cables

Control Cables


Control cables encompass a large family of cables manufactured to various IS, BS, EN, VDE, and other international Standards. Our cables are designed for a wide range of application like industrial, signaling, transmission, measurement, control and regulation. These cables allow to transmit power at very low voltage to control the process or equipment.


These control cables are mainly used in machinery, machine tools and appliances, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies for permanent connections in cable chains, etc


  •  These cables have a copper conductor, which may or may not be enveloped in galvanized steel braid.
  •  These cables can be manufactured as per any applicable standard
  •  These cables can be manufactured for Zero Halogen properties or high thermal stability PVC over sheathed.
  •  They also offer various degrees of protection against electrical interference and resistance to caustic substances and oils.

Why Our Control Cables

Our helogen-free cables and wires are internationally certified and you can choose from our comprehensive range of standard products or can ask for cables /wires with special properties to meeting your requirement.


We are focused on conveying more than our customerʼs expectations. We strive for merit and excellence in our abilities, individuals, processes and technologies. We accomplish our work in a fair.